Why Have a Greenroof?

For years city landscapes viewed from above have shown only under-utilised lifeless grey areas.  The changes to the environment from city and urban development throughout the world has now been acknowledged as having a great effect on our living spaces and the air that we breathe.  The loss of more and more landscape green spaces to buildings and roading can now be replaced by installing living greenroof areas.


Scandinavian countries have been growing greenroofs for centuries and continue to do so.  Architects and town planners are now turning to greenroofs not only for their beauty but to reverse the environmental extremes that are common on a conventional roof.  The list of countries utilising the greenroof system is growing including here in New Zealand.  Countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Japan are required by law to install a greenroof system on buildings with roofs of a suitable pitch or site coverage.

The advantages gained by a greenlink

Flora-Mat installation are:


Light Weight System


light weight system

  • This is one of the lightest weight systems for new and existing buildings (commercial and domestic).

  • The mat measurements are 50cm x 50cm

  • 35 – 60 kg saturated weight loading per m2

Quick & Simple System (123)

Quick and instant greening of a roof or covered area, attractive to look at and softens a hard structural area.

It is a 3 component system:

  1. Sedum plants

  2. Extensive substrate / medium

  3. Nutrifoam vegetation mat

No additional drainage materials are required

Absorb Stormwater

  • Storm water retention on the roof within the greenroof system i>

  • Preventing up to 50% rainwater runoff, so reducing storm water loading

  • The Nutrifoam greenroof mat itself will hold 25 litres of water per m2 before the planting system is installed
Reduce Heat  

Reduce Heat Island Effect

  • Evaporates moisture on the roof which will reduce the “heat island effect” within inner city areas.  Surface heat build up and reflective heat is reduced
Less Maintanance  

Less Maintanance

  • Less maintenance costs for the roof areas

  • Improved life and quality of your roof area

  • Temperature differences are reduced so protecting the roofing
    materials from UV and no damage from hail storms etc

  • Significant benefits of sound protection, noise transfer is minimised

Improve Air Quality

  • Eliminates dust and toxic air emissions

  • Converts pollutants into plant nutrients

Create Wildlife Habitats

  • Creates new areas for bio-diversity habitats to grow on the roof areas

  • Creates a recreational landscaped area

Reduce Energy Costs

  • Acts as a natural insulation layer over the roof for the benefit of the rooms and living spaces below.  Air-conditioning and heating cost can be reduced due to this effect


  • Made from recycled, rebounded CFC-free, soft open pore polyurethane foam

  • Recycled aggregates are used in Flora-Mat growing medium

Improved sound protection

  • Significant benefits of sound protection, noise transfer is minimised


Green roofs are lightweight


Modular Design guaranteeing quick and easy
roof top installation (50cm x 50cm)..

Green roofs create wildlife habitats

create wildlife habitats

Creates new areas for bio-diversity habitats
to grow on the roof areas.



Innovative solutions for
new and existing buildings


flora-mat system

A quick and simple
3 component system


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