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Thursday, 20 August 2009 15:31


Q - Dear Gerard I’ve recently fertilised my lawn by hand and my lawn now looks like this. What has happened?

A - I recommend you buy either a hand held or walk behind fertilser spreader so that the fertiliser is broadcasted evenly over the lawn .You can not get an even cover of fertiliser over the lawn area when applying by hand as we can see by your photo. Apply lawn fertiliser at approx 30gm per m2 6-8 weeks apart depending on the fertiliser type you are using.

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Old dog, new tricks Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 August 2009 15:31


Q - I have a small shaded courtyard, one dog and I’m struggling to keep my small lawn looking good. I’m loosing the battle due to all the dog damage. What would you suggest is the best solution?

A - With such a small lawn you will not achieve a lush green lawn if your dog cannot be trained to go to the toilet elsewhere. Why not install one of the new lawn type artificial grasses (Tiger Turf). Completely dog proof, doesn’t need mowing or watering and looks great. Hard to tell the difference from the real thing.


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