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Greenlink by Gerard Dyer has three areas of specialty. Foremost amongst these is the installation and management of Green Roofs which is a vegetation layer covering the roof area of a building, or structure. It consist of a number of layers that form the living roof system in which selected plant varieties will naturally grow.

TLC Total Lawn Care helps home owners who aspire to having the perfect lawn that mirrors a major sports field or golf course but do not have the knowledge and techniques required to achieve this. Gerard also provides a consultancy service called "The Lawn Guru" where he imparts his extensive knowledge of lawn maintenance for those who have questions and seek advice.


Greenlink Flora Mat stars on Shanghai World Expo roof.

The New Zealand Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo China ,closes to the public in October 2010 after impressing the huge numbers of visitors with both the internal pavilion and the stunning landscaped roof top garden on which the Greenlink Flora Mat also starred

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The Scandinavian Green Roof Award

Every year, since 2000, an award is given to the best green roof project in Scandinavia. The board of the Scandinavian Green Roof Association nominate three of the best projects suggested, and the winner is elected by all members present at the Annual General Meeting of the association.




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