The Scandinavian Green Roof Award

 Every year, since 2000, an award is given to the best green roof project in Scandinavia. The board of the Scandinavian Green Roof Association nominate three of the best projects suggested, and the winner is elected by all members present at the Annual General Meeting of the association.

The suggested roof must be built the previous year, or, in the case of site-planted green roofs, 2 years previously. We need photos and contact information.


2009 Handelsfagskolen in Skåde, Århus, Denmark  
2008 Veolia Miljö Recycling center, Oslo, Norway                               

  2007 Kastrup loading central, Copenhagen, Denmark.      

2006 Swedish National Defence College and Swedish Institute for International Affairs, Stockholm, Sweden

2005 Bagsvaerd Fort, Gladsaxe, Denmark

2004 Grönne Gårde, Copenhagen Demnark

2003 Gällstaö, Stockholm, Sweden

2002 The Erskine House, Malmö, Sweden

2001 Green Zone, Umeå, Sweden

2000 The library of Linköping, Sweden

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