Greenlink Flora Mat stars on Shanghai World Expo roof.

 New Zealand's biggest greenroof
The New Zealand Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo China ,closes to the public in October 2010 after impressing the huge numbers of visitors with both the internal pavilion and the stunning landscaped roof top garden on which the Greenlink Flora Mat also starred .Look under most of the green roof plantings and you'll find a Flora Mat.

The New Zealand greenroof was designed by Kim Jarrott and Tina Hart of DawnFinder (, .This award winning design team's roof top garden has used thousands of native plants which were exported  from New Zealand to China.
 They were restricted in weight loading for the entire roof top design so decided upon using the Greenlink Flora Mat after we trialed various growing methods at our nursery in Auckland.

The Flora Mat provided them with a modular system that was required for their design as all the plant material was estalished on the mats in a plant nursery on the out skirts of Shanghai and then transported to the Expo site for installation.
The Flora Mat system was the light weight solution they were looking for in their roof design and a growing system that retained sufficent water to the plants in the hot temperatures of Shanghai and had to last for the six month period the Expo has being open.
The pastural grassed hillside design and Tussock ( Carex ) areas on the roof were all established on the Flora Mat which also allowed for a clever vertical hill side affect.

The Flora Mats were also used in the vertical wall gardens along the pathways ( inside the modular crates ) to hold and release water back to the plants .
The Flora Mat system has provided Kim and Tina the best result they were after in creating this most amazing New Zealand greenroof design which has won them great praise from the millions of visitors to the Shanghai World Expo and continual recognition from all fellow Kiwis world wide.

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